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Your Preferred Clinic for Pet Surgery in Belle River

Looking for a safe, hygienic and reliable veterinarian clinic for your pet’s dental care or surgery needs in Belle River, Windsor and Essex County? At Belle River Animal Clinic, we understand that surgery or dental issues can be a source of anxiety and stress for many pet owners. There’s much that runs through the minds of pet owners when their loved pets require surgery. In such a situation, you can only rely on a professional. Factors such as pre- and post-operative care, adherence to precautions and monitoring procedures must be considered before choosing the right vet clinic for your pet.


The highly skilled and well-experienced veterinarians at Belle River Animal Clinic provide top-notch care to your loved fur balls and follow strict safety protocols. We ensure all your requirements for pet dental care and pet surgery in Belle River.

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Surgical Procedures

Surgeries are an essential part of our work here at Belle River Animal Clinic. We undertake blood tests of your pet before surgical procedures and perform physical exams. This helps ascertain the anesthetic that suits the species, breed and age specification of your pet. Even during the procedure, we keep an eye on its vitals like heart rate, oxygen level and respiratory rate. Our operating theatre is well-equipped with anesthetic equipment, heart monitors, and other relevant equipment to help provide your pets with a complete care option during surgeries.


Along with surgical procedures, we also offer orthopedic and soft tissue surgeries such as:

Femoral head and neck osteotomy


We also offer post-operative monitoring and care at our clinic. To schedule a surgery for your pet, consult our vet.

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Spaying and Neutering

An ovariohysterectomy (females) or orchidectomy (males) is a procedure of removing the reproductive organs from your pet’s body. It is undertaken to control the pet population and help your pet avoid unwanted sexual behaviours such as marking territory, roaming and aggression. At Belle River Animal Clinic, we offer timely spaying and neutering as it helps in eliminating and decreasing the risk of hormone-related diseases such as cancer.

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Pet Dental Care in Belle River

Periodontal diseases constitute a large portion of dental problems among cats and dogs today. That’s why your pet must receive proper dental care. At Belle River Animal Clinic, our dental care services help avoid both short-term damages and adverse effects of bad dental conditions on your pet’s overall health. Find a timely resolution to ill effects and healthy, germ-free teeth for your pets with our dental care options. Our professionals do a thorough dental exam and provide cat and dog teeth cleaning in Belle River, Windsor and Essex County.

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Steps You Can Take

You can take the following steps to ensure the proper dental health of your pets:


Keeping a close eye on your pet’s teeth and gums is an important step for early detection of dental disease. Tartar often appears as a brown or gold coloured buildup on the teeth and is close to the gumline. This means your pet requires proper dental hygiene. As cats and dogs find it difficult to communicate toothache until it's too late, staying vigilant of dental problems is advisable. Other signs such as redness or bleeding along the gumline point towards gingivitis and should be seen by a veterinarian as soon as possible. Other warning signs include:

Bad breath


Pawing at the moth

Difficulty chewing

Loose or missing teeth

Regular brushing

One way of reducing the chances of unexpected dental problems is by regular brushing. While this can be a tricky process, it is necessary to avoid the formation of tartar and other harmful bacteria. Using treats or play periods can help you reinforce a regular brushing period and get your pets used to the idea of teeth cleaning.


Also, we recommend an annual dental checkup.

Pet Surgery and Dental Care

More than just routine spaying and neutering, we can perform advanced surgeries.

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