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Professional Pet Grooming in Belle River

Looking for a facility that performs pet grooming in Belle River? Pet grooming not only keeps your pet looking his best but also helps to maintain hygiene and health. Though you can do this at home, there are times when a professional touch can help. Get your pets over to Belle River Animal Clinic to have them groomed by our experienced staff. Our grooming services are fine-tuned to your pet’s specific requirements. While long-haired pets require more intense grooming sessions, a regular groom is important for all pets, even those with short, clipped hair. Our professionals have the tools and skills necessary to give your pet a quality grooming experience in Belle River, Windsor and Essex County.


At Belle River Animal Clinic, a full pet grooming session usually includes the following:

Checking for fleas, ticks, ear infections

Shaving, brushing and clipping

Ear cleaning

Shave the paw pads

Sanitary shave around the tail

Final brushing

Finishing with a scented spray

Checking for lumps, bumps, hot spots, skin lesions

Pre-bath brush out and cleaning to remove dirt, hair and mats

Gentle massage and bath with a vet recommended quality shampoo

Drying your pet with a clean towel followed by a dryer in a ventilated clean cage

Pet's paw

Benefits of Grooming

Grooming is an integral part of your pet’s health as it keeps your furry friend comfortable and happy. Every pet benefits from grooming for the following reasons:

Regular grooming removes dead hair, dirt, dandruff and prevents matting.

Regularly groomed dogs have a healthier and shinier coat as brushing and grooming brings out the natural oils in the fur.

Regular grooming stimulates the blood supply to the skin helping it avoid problems and irritation.

Grooming allows you to keep a check on any abnormalities, including ticks, fleas, dry patches, unusual bumps or skin lesions.

Pet Maintenance

After a full treatment at Belle River Animal Clinic, your animal companion will be completely transformed.

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