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Belle River Animal Clinic: 519-728-3221

Leamington Veterinary Clinic: 519-326-8343

Talbot Street Animal Hospital: 519-776-7797

We Take Your Pet's Health Seriously

Veterinary Care Is a Call Away

No matter how minor or serious your pet’s needs may be, we will do everything to keep your pet comfortable.

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Your Go-To Clinic for Veterinary Services in Belle River

Is your pet showing signs of distress or has experienced an injury lately? Don’t worry! We’ll help you take care of the problem. At Belle River Animal Clinic, we provide timely veterinary services in Belle River for dogs, cats, and other small animals. Our experienced vets are skilled and care deeply for the furry patients. Canines or felines, we ensure your pets get the best services and the kind care they deserve.


Belle River Animal Clinic is the place to get the right medical help for your pets in Belle River, Windsor and Essex County. Depending on the issue or the animal, we might need to refer you to our affiliated clinics.

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New Client Discount

Enjoy $30 off on your first pet Examination with Us when you fill in our New Client Registration Form.

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Signs You Need to Bring Your Pet to a Vet

Besides injuries, other conditions that indicate your pet might require urgent veterinary care, include:

  • Severe vomiting or diarrhea

  • Ingestion of poison or foreign bodies

  • Choking and difficulty breathing

  • Weakness, lameness or paralysis

  • Swelling around the eyes or face

  • Difficulty urinating

  • Bleeding

  • Problems during labour/delivery

  • Heatstroke

Give us a call, and we’ll ensure your friend gets proper care. We’re operational Monday through Saturday.

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Vet Services in Belle River

We provide a wide range of service and treatment options at the right prices:

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The Right Place for Your Pets

At Belle River Animal Clinic, you get veterinary care that is built on years of experience in treating your pets the right way. This is evident in our on-time veterinary care that helps alleviate signs of distress and treat injuries. Also, when you choose us, you get veterinarians who are:

  • Caring

  • Passionate

  • Professional

  • Knowledgeable

  • Funny

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Professional Affiliations

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Associated Brands

Purina Pro Plan

Royal Canin (Available on-demand)

Hill’s (Available on-demand)

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Customer Reviews

Read what some of our customers have to say about our services:

Took Great Care of My Husky

“I took my Husky to the clinic for a major problem with his back leg and Dr Garg took great care of him . Thanks to the staff and Dr Grag for helping my Husky Blue recover very quickly... Outstanding.”

- Austin H. - 24/12/2020

Nice and Caring Staff

“Bailey, I’d really like to say that you are an amazing person. You’re always so nice and caring, and your love for helping animals and even people, shines through in all that you do. Thank you for your help when I needed it ..... because I was freaking out, lol.”

- Kerry S. - 24/12/2020

Always Go Above and Beyond

“The Doctor and the staff are great. I highly recommend going here. No matter the time of day or night, they have always gone above and beyond for my dogs. And when it was time to say goodbye to my dog Buddy I was treated with compassion and empathy. Great establishment. 5 stars”

- Baxter B. - 24/12/2020

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Accepting New Patients

If you’ve welcomed a new furry member, we would love to meet him.

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Annual Checkup

Come see our veterinarians for your pet’s next wellness exam.

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Diagnostics for Your Pet

We offer a range of diagnostic services to help us provide the best care for your pet.

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