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Trusted Pet Diagnostic Services in Belle River

Today's diagnostic technologies allow vets to get an exact diagnosis of an illness or injury in shorter amounts of time, so your pet can start treatment promptly. For quality pet diagnostic services in Belle River to improve the health and wellness of your dog or cat, come to Belle River Animal Clinic. Since a lot with our pets has to do with picking up on non-verbal clues, what might seem innocuous and harmless to you might be the sign of a much deeper ailment. So don’t wait for your pets' health to get worse and bring them over to Belle River Animal Clinic to receive timely and accurate diagnostic help in Belle River, Windsor and Essex County. Our specialists take care of your pets and provide you with a reliable assessment of the problem.

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In-House Lab Testing

At Belle River Animal, we perform pet diagnostic services in our in-house labs. Our equipment allows the veterinarians to get blood results on the same day. Making you run through hoops to get tests done or misdiagnosing your pet’s ailments is what we avoid at all costs and ensure your pets get the care they deserve. Whether it's a woof or a meow, pets aren’t the best at communicating their problems. This is where our in-house lab testing comes in handy. We ascertain problems and begin timely treatment, which eases the treatment procedure. Our technicians can draw blood samples and check the functioning of kidneys, liver and pancreas. We can also have a closer look at the performance of white and red blood cells, check thyroid functioning, and more.


Old or young, your cats and dogs are in safe hands with the vets at Belle River Animal Clinic. So, schedule our pet diagnostic services in Belle River today!

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Radiology Services for Pets in Windsor

We at Belle River Animal Clinic undertake radiology or x-ray tests to diagnose your pet’s problems accurately. You can get the muscular-skeletal, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, reproductive and urinary system x-rays for your pets.

Want Timely Diagnostics?

We are able to perform many diagnostic procedures in-house to find and then treat the problem.

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