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Belle River Animal Clinic: 519-728-3221

Leamington Veterinary Clinic: 519-326-8343

Talbot Street Animal Hospital: 519-776-7797

A Dependable Facility for Pet Boarding in Belle River

Require a safe and hygienic kennel and pet boarding in Belle River? Belle River Animal Clinic offers a dog and cat boarding service you can trust. Pet owners can remain care-free when they choose us. Not only you get spacious premises for your pets, but we also provide you with safe, secure and comfortable boarding for your pets. Our pet boarding facility features different sizes of cages, kennels and runs for your dogs and cats. We can accommodate pets of all sizes and give them personal attention, love and care. We know we can’t fill your shoes, but our professional staff provides your pets with the next best thing.


When you choose Belle River Animal Clinic as your pet’s boarding facility in Belle River, you get:

  • A boarding option for your pets undertaken by caring and trustworthy people.

  • Fresh water for your pets at all times.

  • A boarding service that provides daily cleaning and disinfection facilities.

  • Peace of mind that your dogs are walked twice a day.

  • Individual sleeping areas.

  • Outdoor runs.

  • Food at no additional cost. We use the Purina Pro Plan range of options, but owners are recommended to bring their food to prevent stomachaches.

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Vaccination Requirements to Be a Boarder

Vaccinations, while essential for the health of your pets, also help us maintain a clean and hygienic environment. Your vaccinated pet ensures the good health of the other pets in our care. That’s why at Belle River Animal Clinic, we require proof of vaccination before we can board your pets in our facility. It is advisable you bring your pet's complete vaccination history to help us provide you with a hassle-free boarding experience.


To ensure the safety of all the pets, we don’t accept pets that are not in compliance with our vaccination and check up policy.

Dogs vaccination requirements

  • DHPP

  • Leptospirosis

  • Bordetella (2 weeks before boarding)

  • Heartworm test and prevention

  • Fecal test: negative within the last 6 months

Puppies – 4 months and over

  • Rabies

  • DHPP

  • Leptospirosis (2 weeks before boarding)

  • Bordetella (2 weeks before boarding)

Cat vaccination requirements

  • Rabies


  • FeLV/FIV test

  • Fecal test should be current within six months

Kittens – 4 months to 1 year

  • Rabies


  • Leukemia (2 weeks before boarding)

  • Current FeLV/FIV and fecal test

We charge by night and have limited space in our boarding facility. So, please call us to inquire about prices and availability before visiting.

A Safe Boarding Space

You’ll have peace of mind knowing that a minimum our caregivers are watching over your dog.

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