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It is estimated that nearly 85% of all pets have some sort of periodontal disease by the time they reach three years of age. These diseases and other dental problems can have a negative effect on your pet’s overall health, leading to inflammation of the gums, bacteria growth and possible infection of the heart, kidneys or liver. Though your pet may be suffering from some type of serious dental problem, he may not exhibit any signs of pain, so it’s important to have a professional take a look. At Windsor Essex Vets, we can do a thorough dental exam as well as provide cat and dog teeth cleaning in Essex to keep your pet happy and healthy. Schedule a dental checkup for your dog or cat today!

How Do I Know if My Pet Needs a Dental Cleaning?

Keeping a close eye on your pet’s teeth and gums is an important step for early detection of dental disease. Tartar will appear as a brown or gold colored buildup on the teeth, close to the gumline. If you notice any redness or bleeding along the gumline, your pet may be suffering from gingivitis and should be seen by a veterinarian as soon as possible. Some other warning signs to look for include:

  • Bad breath
  • Drooling
  • Pawing at the moth
  • Difficulty chewing
  • Loose or missing teeth

Recommendations for Pet Dental Care at Home

You can also help prevent periodontal disease and other dental issues by providing some basic dental care for your pet at home. Just as you take care of your own teeth with regular at home brushing, you need to take care of your pet's needs at home too. Animals have no special ability to resist dental disease, and that is why we recommend an annual dental checkup, a professional dental cleaning and regular at home brushing.

Teeth Brushing

Introducing a toothbrush and tooth paste into your pet's hygienic routine can be a bit tricky, but it's a necessity. If you sense the pet is anxious towards the brushing procedure, reassure them by talking and try again. Expect progress not perfection, and reward your pet immediately with a treat or a play period after each successful cleaning session. Remember that learning takes time, and that each pet is different: some will be trained in one week while others will take a month or more.

The goal is to gradually make your pet comfortable with daily brushing as this is ideal for keeping your pet healthy. However, even three days a week can make a significant difference in overall dental health.

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