Pet Grooming Services in Windsor and Essex County

Regular pet grooming not only keeps your pet clean and looking his best, but also helps to maintain his good health. Though long haired pets require more intense grooming sessions, a regular groom is important for all pets, even those with short, clipped hair. A professional groomer will have the tools and skills necessary to give your pet the best grooming experience, but there are also some steps you can take at home to keep your dog clean and healthy between grooming appointments. At Windsor Essex Vets, we provide pet grooming in Essex County and can give you tips for the at home care of your pet. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

Benefits of Grooming

Grooming is an important part of your pet’s health, keeping your furry friends comfortable and happy. Every pet benefits from grooming for the following reasons:

  • Regular grooming removes dead hair, dirt, dandruff and prevents matting
  • Regularly groomed dogs have a healthier and shinier coat as brushing and grooming brings out the natural oils in the fur
  • Regular grooming stimulates the blood supply to the skin
  • Grooming allows for the chance to check your pet for any abnormalities, including ticks, fleas, dry patches, unusual bumps or skin lesions

At Home Grooming

Between visits to the groomer, you can also help keep your pet healthy with some at home grooming activities. Regularly brushing your dog will help prevent hair from becoming tangled and matted. Matted hair becomes heavy and can drag skin down, often causing skin irritation which can make your pet uncomfortable. It is also be a good idea to give your dog a bath between grooming visits, especially if he is outside often. A bath will remove dirt to keep your pet and your family healthy as it will prevent him from dragging germs inside.

Regular at home grooming is great for your pet’s physical health, but also for their emotional health as well. It gives you the chance to bond with your pet and makes him feel important, not to mention it gets them used to grooming, making professional appointments go smoother.

Full Pet Grooming

At Windsor Essex Vets, a full pet grooming session usually includes the following:

  • Checking for fleas, ticks, ear infections
  • Checking for lumps, bumps, hot spots, skin lesions
  • Pre-bath brush out and cleaning to remove dirt, hair and mats
  • Gentle massage and bath with a vet recommended quality shampoo
  • Drying your pet with a clean towel
  • Drying in a very well ventilated clean cage with a dryer
  • Shaving, brushing and clipping as needed
  • Ear cleaning to gently remove dirt and excess hair
  • Shave the paw pads to keep them clean
  • Sanitary shave around the tail to prevent matting of feces
  • Clipping the toe nails
  • Final brushing
  • Finishing with a scented spray
  • Bandanna on request

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