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  • dog staying cool and hydrated
    12/07/2017 - Windsor Essex Vets
    Summer Heat & Hydration Safety Tips for your Pets

    We all love the summer heat and being outdoors with our pets. While pets should be exercised year-round, we often become more active when the weather gets warmer. But did you know that our pets are even more susceptible to dehydration than we are?

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  • Windsoressexvets_christmasandpets: A dog lying on a pillow and blanket with Christmas lights behind him.
    Skip the Animal Emergency Room this Holiday Season!

    With the holiday season now in full swing, your decorating must be well underway. While tinsel, glittery ornaments and a well-adorned tree fill your home with holiday cheer, they can also be hazardous to your pet’s safety. If ingested, many holiday-inspired items can cause gastrointestinal upset or other bodily harm.

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  • veterinarian examining dog
    Does Your Pet Have Allergies?

    Just like people, our four-legged friends can develop allergies. An autoimmune response to an everyday substance can be triggered without warning and your pet may then show signs of distress. The agent causing the reaction is known as the allergen and can be nearly anything in your pet’s environment. Identifying the allergen and then determining the best course of treatment is how the caring vets at our animal hospital in Lakeshore want to help. If you suspect your cat or dog has allergies, make an appointment at one of our four locations in the area.

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  • WindsorEssexVets_PetVaccinations: Golden Labrador receiving a vaccination shot from a veterinarian
    How Often Do Your Pets Need Vaccinations?

    To keep your pet healthy and well, you devotedly bring him or her in to have an annual examination with your vet in Essex. But you may wonder if vaccinations are really necessary.

    In short, the answer is yes. Just as with human vaccinations, your pet needs to be vaccinated against several potentially serious and, sometimes fatal, diseases.

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